Convert More Facebook Leads Into Customers With These 8 Powerful Hacks

You’re advertising on Facebook, but you know things can be better.

You know social media can be used to scoop up more leads and boost business. You know the process isn’t as simple as slapping a page together, magically attracting followers and fans, and blasting out ads. And you know to improve your ROI with Facebook, you need quality fans and followers and higher converting ads.

So here are 8 effective hacks to help you convert more Facebook leads into customers.

Hack 1. Reduce CPC Cost and Boost Conversions With Better Targeting

5000 high quality fans beat 10,000 low quality fans.

Quantity matters, but not as much as quality. A large group of uninterested fans won’t bring you business. That’s why when building your core group of fans and followers – or targeting new ones – you should prioritize quality over quantity.

Hack 2.  Offer Incentives To Fans and Followers

It’s unlikely that you’ll secure leads directly from your Facebook page. Your page is about engaging potential customers/clients, building a loyal community, and most importantly; building your email list.

And fans aren’t going to sign up just because you asked them too. They’ll be more likely to subscribe and interact if you offer them something valuable in exchange. Research from Syncapse shows that 42% of fans like a page to get coupon, and 35% like so they can participate in contests.

If you want to get more out of Facebook advertising, create an enticing offer that links to a landing page. You could:

  • Create a handy guide/report for potential customers
  • Offer discounts and packages that are available only for subscribers
  • Have a link to a contest that runs on your website. To stand a chance at winning, have visitors enter their email addresses.

Hack 3. Don’t Kill Of Existing Ad Sets

It’s easy to slip into the trap of panicking when ads don’t bring immediate returns. But expecting results too early can cost you a pretty penny.

The “younger” your ad is, the less reliable the data collected will be. Which is why you should wait for your ad to reach between 1000-2000 people before taking data seriously – or considering any changes

Hack  4. Incorporate Brain Scratching Open Loops

Ever had a favorite TV show that you couldn’t stop watching?

What about a confusing question that you knew the answer to, but couldn’t remember?

How are the above questions relevant to Facebook ads? You will find out soon enough…but first, let’s talk about open loops.

Our brain’s have a natural craving for completion, open loops take advantage of this. The brain enters a state of confusion when it views something as incomplete. The cause could be a story, a movie, even a household chore you’re trying to finish. But tension won’t be relieved until you feel that you’ve completed the task at hand.

When it comes to your ad, an open loop would be a part of your ad that doesn’t immediately tie up. It leaves the reader curious.

An example of this technique is how I asked questions at the beginning of this point and didn’t tell you why.

You can easily apply open loops in your ads by asking a question in the header of your ad copy, and answering below.

Hack 5. Get Solid Leads With Facebook Custom Audiences

Custom audiences lets you upload a list of customers from your phone book or email list. Which means you can reach a bigger, qualified audience even if they were not fans before.

One game developer advertising on Facebook experienced a 40% decrease in cost-per-installs with custom audiences.

Hack 6 . Use Custom Audiences On Your Website

Remember the custom audiences feature in the point above? It can be used for your website too.

You simply place a piece of code on your site, Facebook then tracks visitors and compiles their Facebook ID’s for your list. People can also be targeted based on the pages they visit on your website. So you can improve conversions with segmented ads for people who clicked off at different stages of the sales funnel.

Hack 7. Use Content to Breath Life Into Your Facebook Page

If your page is crammed with posts that just promote your brand and ask people to buy, you’ll bore your audience.

To engage your fans, mix up your posts with frequent content.

You can post:

  • Content that is helpful to your audience
  • Stories/ tips about your product or service
  • Customer testimonials

The “fill in the caption” style post is another post that can engage fans. Here’s an example from Pepsi:

Be sure to use images when posting. According to Kissmetrics, posts with images get 104% more comments, 84% more clicks and 53% more likes. And make an effort to reply to comments. It shows you care for fans and strengthens your brand image.

Looking for more content ideas? Here are 22.

Hack 8. Keep Your Posts Short and Sweet

Research shows that posts with 80 characters or less get 66% more engagement.

Your fans aren’t expecting in-depth articles, so keep your posts short and snappy to maintain their interest.


According to Social Media Examiner, 97% of marketers are using social media to support overall marketing efforts, and 84% of respondents indicated that Facebook was the top medium used for paid social advertising.

Facebook advertising works; by implementing the hacks above, it will work better for you.

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